1. Go to your email. You should have received Living Legacy/EmBOLDen Overcomer Training and Log in

  2. You may use this link https://www.legacyleader.co/membership-area1591818141242/109ea7b1186 at any time to access the program however once you have entered your password and email address always select login and not signup

  3. Please email me if you have any trouble. Let me know beholdurbold@gmail.com

  4. Feel free to begin the program with the welcome video. Move through as fast or slow as you want

  5. Here is the link to set up a one-on-one with me. I will be meeting with meeting with every purchaser once. At that meeting we determine any future calls and schedules as necessary.

Online clients: 1 free session and stay active in our community

Group clients: 1 free session where I will be providing you the zoom link to help you connect to your scheduled calls

One-on-One clients: 1 free session plus private one-on-ones included in package.


  1. Don’t forget to join the community, beholdurbold private facebook group

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