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Teresa Brunsting

Who am I...                          

I'm a woman, mother, and wife, who is still a few years from official retirement age but has decided to stay at home and give moral support to my husband and family. And of course do housework, cooking and all those other wife and mother things. Let's face it ...

'I should just be satisfied with life as it is. I'm a stay-at-home mom and wife.
'I've already had a fun career and now I have a nudge, a calling.'

'I should just stay home and soon move into my retirement years.'

'I could easily ignore that nudge, BUT I know God has a plan for me .'

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,

"plans to prosper you and and not to harm you, plans to

give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


What I can do about it...

I am a child of God, mother, and wife who has walked through fires as a woman, mother and wife but was made stronger and braver through perseverance for God’s purposes. My passion is to help women who struggle with identity and purpose. Whether life has thrown you a curve ball through challenges with children, marriage, friends, health or just everyday life, I want to help you find JOY.


I want to allow God to use me to heal and restore mind, body, and spirit with First-aide from the Holy Spirit©. I want to let people know that even if you feel your spirit has been crushed, the Holy Spirit can bring you back to full health. I want you to know that every day you can be the best “You.” That may not be the same as someone else and somedays your best may be different and that is okay. We are all amazing just as God created us.

So we can become the BEAUTIFULLY emB.O.L.D.en Overcomers© and WOMEN WE ARE DESIGNED TO BE.

It's a great place to walk as an emB.O.L.D.en Overcomer©... come along with me,
I'll Show You How To Find JOY Through FIRST aide From The Holy Spirit

More exciting news . . .

I recently became a Certified Living Legacy Coach through Niccie Kliegl CLCA coaching certification based off of her book, 'Awaking the Living Legacy' 


I have set up my 'emB.O.L.D.en Overcomers' coaching Program by combining twenty-two weeks of the Living Legacy course with four weeks of my emB.O.L.D.en Overcomers course, based of my new book  'emB.O.L.D.en OVERCOMER' . (Coming soon) This allows me to embrace both and to give you more solid content!


Click below and find out how to Go All In with the entire 6-month (26-week program).



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